AJ Found Alive – Missing autistic Putty boy found in an abandoned house

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AJ Found Alive – Joy in the hearts of many as the 3 year-old Putty autistic boy who has been missing for days has been found drinking creek water in an abandoned house.

 New south Wales, AUSTRALIA – The search for AJ, a 3 year-old boy was reported missing on Friday, 3rd of August 2021 came to an end after he was found alive.

According to reports, AJ was seen last his residence in the Upper Hunter on 12pm Friday, September 3rd 2021. He is said to suffer from autism.

According to a Facebook post a vehicle was insight on the farm’s private road where AJ went missing. The vehicle was described as a White Toyota Hilux. the picture is attached below.

AJ’s description?

The 3 year-old has been described as a White male who has short brown hair and brown eyes.

No distinctive features or birth marks has been given. His last known clothing description has also not been given.

AJ Found Alive:

On Monday, 6th of August during the search which has been going on for days, NSW Police helicopter spotted a boy drinking water from the creek. The helicopter lowered down and found out it was 3 year-old Anthony ‘AJ’ Elfalak. The area had reportedly been thoroughly searched and they didn’t find him.

Unexplainable joy in the hearts of everyone who joined in the search. Superintendent Chapman said “They came back around and had a closer look and they were able to clearly identify a small boy in a puddle in a creek bed and he was drinking water at the time, There has not been one minute during these three days, into day four, where there hasn’t been active searching occurring and most of these people are volunteers.”

The search included hundreds of PolAir, dog squad, divers, the mounted unit, State Emergency Service (SES), Rural Fire Service (RFS) and Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) personnel.

AJ parents reaction:

The parents of the boy was expressed overwhelming joy at the news of finding him. Their worries over the past day knew no bounds as they wondered how their little boy was surviving on his own.

Anthony, AJ’s father said “He’s got some nappy rash, he’s been bitten by ants, he’s fallen over — but he’s alive, He’s just clinging to mum — as soon as he heard his mum’s name he opened his eyes and looked at her and fell asleep. We have searched that area head to toe.”

Authorities said they are still carrying out investigation on the circumstances that surrounded AJ’s disappearance as ‘foul play’ is suspected.

Social media reaction to AJ found:


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