Aimi Perrett death, Greenwood woman killed in Highway 72 crash identified

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Aimi Perrett Death – Obituary : Authorities have identified 27-year-old Aimi Perrett as the Greenwood woman that was killed on Thursday morning following two-motor vehicle accident that occurred on Highway 72 in Mountville.

The crash happened on Thursday, September 16, 2021 at about 7:54 a.m. in Laurens County.

According to report, the crash occurred when a Toyota Sudan traveling west on Highway 72 veered off the roadway, overcorrected and crashed into a Mercury SUV traveling east on Highway 72.

Perrett the driver of the Toyota was pronounced deceased at the scene while the Mercury driver sustained injuries and transported to Self Regional Healthcare.

Friends and relations of the deceased have taken to different social media pages to post tributes.

“Woke up this morning with still such a heavy heart. I truly can’t believe it was you. I know your transition was met with so much love, and probably a red carpet lol. The impact alone that you’ve made on so many others tell so much. ugghh Aimi Pretti Perrett I don’t know a single person from our class that isn’t hurt by this. I can’t force myself to say it still but you know the rest”

“My sweetest babygirl. Known you since HS, first time we met, you complimented me with “I love your top!” And from there a friendship started. Sitting in art class next to each other for months always being so full of energy and high spirits! Never saw you mad or upset and I would ask you how you did it. You just smiled and laughed. We would act up in class and I had the privilege of teaching you how to shuffle before it became popular on the East coast lol. Loved our little small circle of the chicas, always would find each other in school events and waited for the bus at the end of the day. We became adults and we all did our own thing. Talked on fb about the acting thing, you would ask me about how to start or what to do and I was so excited for you because I saw you as a star girl! You were doing it and I was excited for the big things you would do in the acting world because you were full of many talents! We reconnected since I finally moved back to Greenwood. I feel so joyful that you got to come to my wedding and got that sweet covid photo with Cherry Martin  . I’m thankful for having you these last times to enjoy your bubbly personality! We had caught up at Outback talking about when I was expecting my baby which was the due date Sept 16. We talked for a bit and you invited us to come over your house and I would cook something. I love how much fun you added to my babyshower with your high spirits and energy! I have my babyboy now and I would have loved you meeting him, but I know you still can from up high. I love you my girl. You will always will be someone real special to my heart forever. Fly super high because you are a Aimi Pretti Perrett”