Agustina Posse Death – Obituary, Cause of Death – Actress Agustina Posse died at 46

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Agustina Posse Death – Obituary – Actress Agustina Posse, 46, has died after she suffered an aneurysm last Thursday, September 9, close to midnight. Posse was urgently referred to the Diagnostic Institute, where she was operated on minutes later.

Actress Agustina died after being hospitalized in intensive care as a result of an aneurysm.

She was born to Mónica and Luis Posse in 1975. On September 2, Posse was in a relaxed interview, where she reviewed her beginnings in acting and on television, with the help of Coaster roller another back, in 1996.

Two years after that program she participated in the successful Gasoleros, where she met Yaco González, the father of her children.

“We parted ways a little over two years ago. We were together for twenty years and we have a good relationship. And he’s a very present dad too. We met at Gasoleros, we became friends until we fell in love. From the first night we were together we did not separate more until 20 years later, “said the actress.

She is blessed with two children Juana, 20, and Francisco, 16.

Agustina studied astrology and had a pending dream: to dedicate herself to music, like her parents.

After her debut in Roller Coaster Another Round, Posse made other novels, including De corazón, Milady, Calientes, El sodero de mi Vida, Juanita the single, Sleeping with my boss. And during the pandemic, he filmed Project series.


Doctors; On Actress Posse’s Cancer issue

In dialogue with LA NACION, Yaco said just two days ago: “ The doctors did everything they had to do for Agustina to get ahead. An aneurysm is a malformation of the cerebral arteries, a silent disease that was discovered with the bleeding that it had. They were able to cover it up and now we have to wait for these difficult days to pass. It is day-to-day. It is difficult, but we are trying hard and there is a lot of love going around, hoping that he will come out of this bad dream ”, he confided, anguished. Despite medical efforts and the fact that the operation was successful, Agustina could not resist and passed away a few hours ago. Jairo and Yaco had started their tour in Rosario today and decided to suspend it and return to support the family, especially Agustina’s children.


Farewell from her friend Mercedes Funes,

“What a pain … We have known each other since we were reckless. You always seemed sooo beautiful to me! You split the earth. They all died for you. How not to do it if you were always minor, “he wrote minutes after the news of the death of Posse, his friend Mercedes Funes, on his Instagram account. “Life made us co-workers and accomplices of many teenage secrets. We gave each other a thousand hugs. We were neighbors. We cry more than once on each other’s shoulders. After a thousand years went by not seeing us !!! What a fight! What the fuck !! Luckily there are the messages that we sent each other updating ourselves. We were owed that meeting. What an upset, what anguish, what a knot in the soul. How unfair !!!! It cannot be that you have gone beautiful Agus. May God hug you. Bye beauty. You remain in our hearts ”.