Accident Scooter St. Hyacinthe, Jérémy Desrosiers Dies In Sainte-Marie-Madeleine Scooter Accident

Jérémy Desrosiers Death – Obituary :  15-year-old Jérémy Desrosiers has died in a scooter accident that happened on Sunday evening, October 24, 2021 in Sainte-Marie-Madeleine in Québec, Canada.

According to Jérémy mother’s Nancy Graveline, “she immediately feared the worst when she saw that her son had been immobilized for several minutes by the side of the road when she consulted his tracking application”

“I often followed him on my phone when he went out on his scooter because I was always worried,”  That evening, I opened my app for the first time shortly after he left and when I saw his little photo stopped in the middle of nowhere on route 116, I had a bad feeling.  

After she tracked him on her phone app, the mother of six waited for a few minutes with her eyes glued to her phone, when he was not forth coming,  she rushed to the scene of the incident and found him lying unresponsive by the roadside. She transported him to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Jérémy father, Patrice Desrosiers said “The last six months have been the most beautiful of his life. He died happy and that brings a little balm“.

Family and friends have taken to their social media platform to pay tribute to the Jérémy “ My best friend…  24/10/21 I’ll always think of you promises you left us too soon I love you so much thank you for being there for a while listening to me when he wasn’t always there to make others laugh thank you for cheering me up when he was gone it’s not you’re a boy gold I love you very much I will never give up I try so hard to stay there for you despite your departure

I would have loved you to stay longer but good life has to go down otherwise take care of yourself the top watch over me as you always s u very well the fsire I hope well being able to give you a hug again one of these days we’ll see each other again my angel well loved  I love you with all my heart really huge your messages in the morning or at night before we go to bed your voice your looks your humor you’re a joke pocket everything s to me I’ll miss you,

you meant a lot to me and it’s not that far that will separate us, I hope I’ll make you proud, I’ll live the way you would have loved to live and I’ll do it for you, I miss you so much, I love you Xx my friend as you said (Live your life to the fullest my friend ) we love you and miss you a lot…. I would take a rocket to come join you all forever and more take care of us Xx sign your bestie Xx

“Until recently, Jérémy had always been a more shy boy. Since the beginning of the summer, he had made an array of friends, it was really a flourishing time for him. I had never seen him smile so much and have so much fun.“

We condole with family of Jérémy and ask God to give them the strength to bear this great loss