About Lucas Veintimilla, Age, Birthday, Education, Girlfriend, Wife, Height, Weight , Crush, Fun facts, Cousin

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Who is Lucas Veintimilla

Lucas Veintimilla is an American Influencer and content creator. He is popularly known for his attractive looks. He is of Italian & Filipino descent. He is the son of Maria Veintimilla (Mother) and Alexcey Veintimilla (Father). He is a lifestyle influencer and posts for major Clothing brands in the across the globe. He is quite fashionable and is not afraid to set trends for others to follow.  He grew up in Poughkeepsie, New York. The fact that he is creative and innovative coupled with his good looks and intelligence has no doubt contributed to his large following. He has gained prominence of some sorts on social media and he is a teen icon.

Lucas Veintimilla Age-Height-Education

Veintimilla was born on 11th of August, 2004 and he is currently 17 years old. In 2020 he went to Don Bosco Preparatory High School in Ramsey, New Jersey. Later he graduated from St. Peter’s School in Poughkeepsie, New York after 10 years of Catholic elementary and middle school education. Veintimilla is approximately 5ft 10inches tall. He has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Fun Facts about Lucas Veintimilla

  • He enjoys Swimming, Basketball, and Track sports.
  • He has won numerous regional science competitions in Dutchess County, New York.
  • His favorite vacation country is Italy.
  • He is from a long line of family that have attended Ivy League Colleges.
  • Favorite Luxury Stores are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, & Hermès.
  • He is Catholic.
  • His Zodiac Sign is Leo
  • His favourite TV Shows are Stranger Things & Game of Thrones
  • he is Michelle Veintimilla’s cousin. (The lead role of Gotham)

Lucas Veintimilla Family – Girlfriend

Veintimilla posts about his family’s  academic achievements. He is the only child but has a close relationship with his cousin Michelle Veintimilla. There is currently no information about who he is dating or if he is in fact dating.

Lucas Veintimilla Instagram- Family

He is on Instagram as @lucas.veintimilla with 1million followers. He is a professional model and constantly posts on his Instagram. He is  a lover of life and nature and he loves to explore. He loves to help and dedicates himself to helping those that are in need. Lucas Veintimilla is one of the top 3 celebrities in the largely populated town of Poughkeepsie, New York. He is a much respected celebrity and is an influencer who portrays high academic achievements, extracurriculars, good values and communal respect. His town Poughkeepsie is widely known for its historical landmarks such as Vanderbilt Mansion, and the Culinary Institute of America(which is the top culinary school in America). He was featured in the Poughkeepsie Journal as one of the most influential people. Lucas is a celebrated figure in Poughkeepsie, New York, as he has won first place in school science fairs every year since he was in fifth grade. He also moved onto the Dutchess County Regional Science Fair where he also won awards for Environmental Science. He is an honours roll student and currently looking to apply to Princeton. His parents live together. His mother graduated with a Master of Arts degree in 1998, from Columbia University which is an Ivy League College. His mother taught at New York University as a Adjunct Clinical Instructor.