Aaron Martens Obituary – Death, What Happened To Him? Meet Wife Lesley Martens

By | January 1, 2022

Aaron Martens Obituary – Death- Pro Angler Aaron Martens has been pronounced dead due to brain cancer by his Obituary report. Explore shocking details behind the tragic death. 

Aaron Martens was the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year on three separate occasions: 2005, 2013, and 2015.

Apart from being a professional bass fisherman, Aaron has been involved in his lure designing company for fishing based in Leeds.

He was initially based in California but relocated to Leeds to settle with his newly founded business.

This also aided him in adapting to the gaming environments as all venues were nearby for the tournament.

The 1999 Bass Tour indicted pro athlete was fishing for a relatively long time.

He started professionally competing in minor tournaments in his school days.

It is surprising to read stats that the greatest champion came just second in 4 editions of the championship and bagged 1 less title win than he lost in total.

Obituary: Aaron Martens Death Cause – What Happened To Him?

Aaron Martens Obituary has listed him as dead due to brain tumor complications called glioblastoma.

Aaron has been fighting cancer since April 2020, when he was shifted to surgery wards post the seizure symptoms.

Aaron completed his first brain surgery on April 6, 2020, after being admitted to the hospital after the first seizure symptoms development on Lay Lake.

The removed tumor was superficial and located on his ,brain’s frontal lobe while the second one was deep-rooted.

The second surgery proceeded on April 26, 2020, and no radiation was applied to treat the tumor right away.

A heavy tumor cell removal process was conducted, and Aaron could talk only after 48 hours.

Aaron fell prey to the flowing cancer cell deterioration again during the Covid-lockdown phase, and he was discharged on June 2021.

He was admitted to the hospital again on September 2021, and experts stated that his cancer was back and his health vitals were declining.

In November 2021, he lost the 19 months-old battle against cancer and left the earth.

His death cause was attributed to the brain cells deterioration via glioblastoma or tumor outgrowth.

Everything On Aaron Martens’ Wife Lesley Martens

Aaron Martens was married to his wife Lesley Martens and living with his two kids in Alabama, Leeds.

The pair dated for several long years before finally tieing the marriage knot.

Lesley serves as the general manager at Spinfish Inc.

The couple gave birth to their first child or elder daughter Jordan Martens, followed by Spencer Martens.

Jordan has been past the teenage years while Spencer is still in his school phase.

Was Aaron Martens Sick? Illness Reports And Updates

Aaron Martens was admitted to the hospital in September 2021, just three months after being discharged on June 2021.

He has been developing severe complications from his brain cells cancer, and tumor outgrowth since 2020.

His two significant surgeries of April 6 and 23 led him to a vulnerable mental state, and the removed tumor cells started multiplying again in 2021.

The athlete was ill and diagnosed throughout the lockdown period and discharged only after months in hospital.

He lost his battle to the cancer cells, but he will always remain as one of the Best Anglers the world had ever got to witness in his prime.