8-month-old daughter dies due to COVID-19 complications: Family

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Evelyn “Evie” Simpson Death: Cause of Death

8-month-old identified as Evelyn “Evie” Simpson is reported dead by family due to COVID-19 complications. This tide has been especially heartbreaking because of its gravity in infecting children.

Earlier this week, the youngest daughter of the Simpson family, Evelyn was tested positive for COVID-19. The happy family’s joy was jeopardized following the death of the newbie, as been said by Evelyn’s grandmother.

It is vulnerable to treat young lads with chronic health conditions at her age because Evie was born with PNPT1, a rare mitochondrial disorder, and spent most of her life in the NICU.

So, medically she could not be treated.

Evelyn’s mother, Claire, oxygen level rose up and she is in intensive care.

Herndon said; “It’s a hard reality. Lots of decisions for mom to make by herself and she’s tired and alone and it’s horrible. COVID is horrible all the way around.”

“For having Evie in our lives, for us to love our neighbor as our self, means it’s not about my personal choice, because when I say it’s just about me I’m making the choice for her. She doesn’t have a choice,” Herndon also added.