6 year-old Missing- Found sleeping in a Devon field

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Missing 6 year-old found by helicopters sleeping in a Devon field

A 6 year-old who was reported missing on Saturday, 7th of August 2021 at about 9:30pm has now been found safe.

The police said she was captured sleeping in a nearby feed from her home where she was missing from.

A search began immediately since she was reported missing. The police helicopters aided in the search and found her at about 10:40 pm.

The 6 year-old was taken to the hospital for checkup after she was rescued by the search team.

The family of the 6 year-old are joyed at the news and now has their child home with them. They earlier said before she was found

The NPAS said “massive team effort, from the police control room, the police officers on the ground and the officers in the air to get this child home safely to her terrified parents, She was found asleep in a field, over a half-a-mile [0.8km] away from her home.” “She was taken to hospital to be checked over as a precaution.