6 month old Ivory Gerald Dies in Phoenix Auto crash

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A 6 month old infant : Ivory Gerald has died in an auto crash.

How did Ivory Gerald die?

According to reports from investigators, 6 month old Ivory was not strapped in a car seat at the time the accident occurred. The toddler was flung out from a GMC after a pickup ran a purple mild close to seventh Street and Buckeye Road in Phoenix. Ivory died in the Hospital despite efforts made to save her.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Vincent Cole stated that:  “A child not being restrained in a car seat is 100% preventable. Children are obviously our most vulnerable population, and we have to do what we can as adults to ensure that they are as safe as possible when they’re in a vehicle. “Four out of five car seats are not properly installed and one-third of those improper installations also have the improper restraint for the age and size of a child.”

Cole also advised people to raise an alarm if they notice a child is not safely strapped in as the rate of  preventable child deaths from lack of proper safety measures was on the rise.

“It varies case by case it as far as the consequences of not doing that, the city has a hotline to call in, if somebody observes a child that is not properly restrained,” Cole stated.

Drivers and motorists were also advised to be extra careful and cautious as Cole advised:

“So being extra cognizant as a driver is important. It’s even more so when you approach intersections,”

Investigations are still ongoing and it is currently unsure if the parents of Deceased will be charged for negligence.