48 Year old Jose Romo dies in Bloomington “Pedestrian” Accident

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Man, 48, has died in a fatal accident – The accident was a “Pedestrian Collision” that occurred at Bloomington Avenue, California.

According to reports from Bloomington, California, a 48 year old man was killed in a fatal accident on August 31, 2021.

The victim of the accident has been identified as 48 year old Jose Romo who was killed on Cedar avenue. Reports from the San Bernardino¬†Sherriff’s office revealed that the accident occurred at about 8:07pm at the intersection of Cedar and Bloomington avenue.

Investigations are still ongoing as regards the specifics of the pedestrian accident.

Romo was rushed to the hospital (Arrowhead Regional Medical Centre) after he suffered severe injuries and despite the efforts made to save him, he succumbed to death in the Hospital.  We will be sure to update further information about developments on the case once made available by authorities.