3 Missing Dogs Found

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Missing Dogs Found

3 dogs reported to be missing have been found safe. The 3 dogs have been reunited with their owners after Dogaholics (doggie daycare) transport van was stolen in Lakeview.

How to Find A Missing Dog

Usually, dogs run away from environments where they feel lonely and bored or to satisfy sexual urge if they are not neutered. How far a dog runs depends on how fast their legs can carry them. Big strong dogs especially young ones can run as far as 5 miles, the little ones can run 2 miles or less. If it’s an outgoing dog it will look out for other dogs or friendly people to feed, clothe and shelter it. Older dogs tend to shy away an hide in bushes, under cars are usually a good spot for them.

Most likely your missing dog will have tried to find it’s way back to you, but chances are they may have gotten into harms way, attacked by a predator or housed by someone else. 40% chances are someone might have taken in your dog, Most families have pets and would be friendly to a stray dog. Some families might not have dogs but they have kids, the kids would want the dog the dog to be taken in, other odds are that  some families won’t want to take in a stray dog, to mix with their lids and dogs, some won’t consider it due to lack of space and facilities to take of the dog.

You want to take logical steps by asking people around, people who don’t know you and people you don’t know. People like lawn mowers, delivery guys, mail droppers, people who drive around the area every day. These people have higher tendencies of seeing a stray dog.  Put up pictures of your missing dog, make a big, clear and eye-catching billboards about your missing dog, make sure to put reward in bigger fonts, so that people will understand how important this is to you.

You want to put a tag around your dog, with your street address and two answerable phone numbers. On the tag make sure the details are bold enough to be seen from a distance, you might thin your dog is friendly but a stranger wouldn’t want to get under your dog’s chin to check what’s written  on it. Aluminum tag wears off with time, steel tag is the best. Due to advancement on technology, implanting an ID on your dog’s shoulder blade would be the best and a straight return to you once found. Most shelters have readers for humans and dogs.