18-year-old charged after shooting, killing street beggar

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18-year-old Isaiah Luna have been charged with murder after police said he shot and killed a man in the South Westside of the city, According to the Albuquerque police.

Officials responded at about 10 a.m. to the intersection of 98th Street and Central Ave SW.

witnesses and video showed the driver of a white Jeep shoot a man who approached the vehicle from the median at the intersection.
Police said Luna was identified as the driver by his mother and girlfriend, and that he fled the scene after the shooting.

Authorities said Luna later returned with his mother, who informed police that her son shot the man and the firearm was in the vehicle

Detectives say Luna told police he shot the man in self-defense after the man punched him in the face, and then stated he would not speak further to police without an attorney present.

Detectives also said surveillance video did not support his claims, as the beggar was not seen attempting to strike, punch or to enter Luna’s vehicle prior to the shooting.

Luna will be booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center.