Summer Wells Missing  – Help Find Wells of Tennessee

Summer-wells- missing

Summer Wells 5-year-old of Tennessee has reported missing.

Authorities said, it is very unlikely that Wells has wandered off as first suspected and they suspect a ‘foul play’.

The 5 year- old who has a blonde hair, is of the white race, fair in complexion and is approximately 3’6 tall was last seen on Thursday, June 15. She was said to have vanished from her family’s home in the Beech Creek community.

According to Margie Quinn who headed the State’s Amber Alert program said “The longer you go the less likely you will have a successful recovery and about one percent of children survive longer than 24 hours. We hope that Summer Wells will be that one-percenter. She’s going to be a one-percenter” said Quinn.

All protocols towards finding missing children have been observed. Parents and family of Wells has been questioned. Neighbors has been interviewed but there’s still no lead on the whereabouts of the 5 year-old.

Quinn also said hopes are still being kept alive, but Without any credible new leads or a person who knows something coming forward, Summer Wells, like Joe Clyde Daniels – another five-year-old who vanished – may never be found.

The Authorities are urging anyone with useful information to help find little Wells to please call 1-800-TBI-FIND.