1-94 closed for hours after deadly shooting in Minneapolis

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Minneapolis Police disclosed its investigating following a fatal shooting at the North side of the city.

Officials of the Minneapolis Police Department responded to a shots fired reports at about 5:18 p.m. close to the Dowling Avenue and I-94. On arrival, officers discovered a man who was described as in his 30’s, the police spokesman John Elder, stated that he was found inside a car on the Highway, without pulse and was unresponsive.

A CPR was initiated by responding officers, before transporting him to the North Memorial Health Hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after, according to the statements of the police spokesman John Elder.

Preliminary investigations states that two people reportedly had an altercation outside their cars on Dowling near I-94, after which one shot the other.

Reports also showed that the two people involved in the squabble allegedly got into their cars and drove off.

The victim drove down the east route onto I-94, before going off the road and crashing into the meter lights before stopping near the concrete median on the left shoulder, report states.